Limited Warranty


Gulf Contours, Inc. warrants the component to be free from defects that resulted from the manufacturing by Gulf Contours, Inc.  This warranty period is for 5 years from the date of manufacture and subject to the conditions listed in the warranty and installed in accordance with industry standards.  Any discoloration or yellowing of the vinyl is subject to the specific warranty given by the vinyl manufacturer.  Gulf Contours, Inc. is not liable for such change in coloration during the term of the warranty.

Gulf Contours, Inc. will honor no warranty claim when it is determined that the component was installed in areas of high heat or subjected to unusual wear and tear.  Delamination claims will not be honored in locations where climate control is not provided year round.  Gulf Contours, Inc. components are designed for interior residential and commercial use and other applications will automatically void this warranty.  Any doors over the length of 36 inches will not be warranted against warping.

Gulf Contours, Inc. will not be liable for discontinued vinyls, variations in  vinyl colors, woodgrain textures and finishes. Roller surfaces and paper changes result in slight variation between rolls of vinyl.  

Gulf Contours, Inc. warranty is limited to replacement of the defective part and assumes no liability for labor or material costs associated with removal or reinstallation of defective part.

Due to the potential for warping of the Shaker door from cutting the pocket out, Shaker doors will not be warranted against warping.