Specialty Products Applications

Gulf Contours has the ability to press various thicknesses of vinyl from 10 mil to heavier 40 mil gloss doors. Rigid thermoplactics such as KYDEX and BOLTRON can be applied where extreme durability and abrasion resistance are needed. Hospitals and medical clinics benefit from new vinyls with biocides used in their production. This along with no edge seams where contamination can enter make them extremely sought after for sanitary applications. In the last 5 years vinyl produced from “recycled plastic water bottles” has been added in an effort to become more ECO friendly. This is a limited market but Gulf Contours can provide samples and pressing capability. Matching melamine backs on the MDF boards are available for a limited number of vinyl’s as well as “peel n stick” and phenolic backing can be added for exact matching to the vinyl. Vinyl with the ability to support direct paint application is available for truly custom matching. Gulf Contours can press this vinyl in any configuration.

Please contact us directly for additional information on any of our specialty products or applications.

Matching Back Door Board

Door board with melamine is available. Contact us for availability.

Extira Moisture Resistant MDF 

An environmentally friendly moisture, rot, and termite resistant panel. Can be used for outdoor applications (kitchens)

Variety of sizes: 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1-1/4″ 


Rigid thermoplastic is available in a wide range of colors and wood grains. Contact us for availability of this heavy duty and abrasion resistant product.