How to Place an Order

Gulf Contours, Inc. uses standard inch measurement. Inches broken down into decimal form (i.e.: 7 3/4 inch = 7.75 inches) as to make data entry precise and lessen the margin for error.

Our standard order form is completed and faxed to us 24 hours per day at (941) 639-3941. Upon receipt of the order form an order acknowledgement and quote/invoice is prepared and faxed back to the customer for approval. Production will not begin until we have a signed order acknowledgement in our offices. Please proof read all dimensions on the acknowledgement form prior to faxing it back to us.

For pricing purposes, we will bill at the exact square footage (i.e.: 14.75 x 20.88″ = 2.14 sq. ft.) A minimum charge equal to one square foot will
be made on those items smaller than one square foot. Moldings and specialty panels will be billed by the piece.

Pick-up and Delivery
Our factory hours for pickup are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. Delivery at no charge will be available in the SW Florida counties in our trade region. Your help in returning the shipping containers to us when picking up your next order or storing the containers for our pickup will be appreciated.

Terms of Sale
All sales are final and full payment is required upon pickup, COD to your location or prearranged terms. We accept company checks and cash. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are also accepted. Applicable taxes will be charged unless we have on file a valid tax-exempt form. We reserve the right to deny credit to any customer and past due accounts will be immediately return to COD status