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Introducing our new line of doors


These doors are Flat Panel High Gloss in thirteen colors including wood designs.

When ordering, please use the order form


Colors are listed below, click to shrink for a better look at the nonchromatic colors

as well as the names & codes for the order form

Hovering over the color on each slide below will show the names & codes as well

Hover over the color or design below to see it’s name and number 


#Panel White 18mm (4x10)                             

#Panels except White 18mm (4x8)               

1mmx22mmx574′ (1tone) Edgebanding       

1mmx42mm574′ (1 tone) Edgebanding       

1mmx22mmx574′ (2 tone) Edgebanding     


High gloss white                                                

All high gloss woodgrains & colors              

Sequenced woodgrains