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Oversized Door Pricing

Currently we are experiencing an increase in the requested size for doors. Many doors are now being made in the height exceeding 45 inches up to the capacity of our press at 93 inches. Doors of this size require extra handling and shipping costs not to mention the increase in labor and materials.

As a result of this situation we must increase the cost of all doors 45 inches in height or larger by $1.00 per square foot effective this date. This will not include filler panels and valance panels.

I am sure you understand our need for this change as we have all been subjected to various supplier cost increases. Gulf Contours has resisted any price increase in the last two years to try to remain competitive but it has now reached a point where we cannot absorb it any longer.

Should you have any questions please contact Jerry Goin or Mike Neville. Thank you for all your support and look forward to a profitable year for all